Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Citadel Gets Sidetracked

Our Guild Master’s account was hacked recently and one of many malicious acts was disbanding our wonderfully organized guild. Game Masters are currently working to resolve this issue and returning us our guild bank, which is about all that we can’t do ourselves. In the mean time you will see a temporary new tag hanging over our heads - Sidetracked.

Those of you who have not yet received an invite to the temp guild please contact any of our Officers or Veterans for an invite. We are using this as a means of communication until the problem is resolved. Eldon and I originally thought this would be a few days fix, but it has dragged on for a week now. GMOTD will include updates as they are available and at least now we have our guild chat back for gathering events together, or the occasional story.

Sidetracked is actually a very old guild name dating back through many games in which many of our guildmates have been members. Feel free to ask if you don’t know the history.

posted by Tozar at 2:22 pm  

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