Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nightbane Nine-Manned (Kara Cleared)

Amoretta LD. No pally? No problem.

Nightbane Nine-Manned
Our first attempt at Nightbane was flawless despite losing a main healer to linkdeath. Wyld and The Citadel’s new hot-schitt restro druid Droodeezy had to step it up to cover the heals. Droodeezy certainly earned [item]Nightstaff of the Everliving[/item] and Celal picked up [item]Talisman of Nightbane[/item] as a nice souvenir. With Karazhan cleared by 8:15pm on Sunday, we called it an early night and look forward to clearing it in record time next week.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Netherspite Sporked

Tonight Netherspite met his doom.

This fight required a lot of coordination, but is not a hard fight at all. He dropped [item]earthblood chestguard[/item] and [item]spiteblade[/item]. Nightbane is next on the hitlist.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prince Malchezaar Overthrown

Thursday we downed Prince for the second time, proving we’re better than the random Infernals he likes to summon on our heads.

Prince Malchezaar is partially a luck fight, based on where he summons the infernals, but is mostly about placement and shifting as a raid around these infernals. We crowned him last week the day after Illhoof and then again this week on Thurs. Last week he dropped [item]gorehowl[/item], [item]jade ring of the everliving[/item] and [item]helm of the fallen defender[/item] and this week he gave up [item]nathrezim mindblade[/item], [item]adornment of stolen souls[/item] and another [item]helm of the fallen defender[/item].  Now that we have a few regular raiders who have completed the quest to summon Nightbane, he will be soon be knocked off as well.

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