Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Illhoof Impaled, Chains Broken

Getting back into raiding after months of pwning up the arenas and battlegrounds, we took down Illhoof and his impish minions.

Blizzard decided to break the raid servers Sun and mess up our raid schedule, but we still pulled everyone together with a waitlist Mon night. Illhoof was first on the agenda and was a piece of cake. Having only attempted this encounter twice just to get a feel for it, we waltzed in and proved our raid control beats the recommended 2 AoEers. This week he gave up [item]cincture of will[/item] and [item]mender’s heart-ring[/item]. Paladin loot no longer being DisEnchanted, though Amoretta is getting upgrades regularly. Prince is next on the list and we would have added him to the list had the Infernals not been placed horribly during Phase 3.

posted by Tozar at 7:23 pm  

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