Thursday, August 30, 2007

There’s No Place Like Pwned

Tonight Dorothee and Tito never made it home, Tinman is still a heartless freak, Roar continues to run faster away from a fight than towards it, and the Strawman made a good bonfire. The Crone showed up briefly to cackle at her foes demise, but we showed her the same mercy, disregarding the feeble attempts at cyclone chaos.

Already knowing the strategy for Oz and having the mages needed for Strawman made this fight easy. We always seem to luck out on this event and get Oz. Tonight The Crone gave up a [item]Blue Diamond Witchwand[/item] and [item]Earthsoul Leggings[/item]. We ripped through Attumen and Moroes on Wed and Maiden today before Dorothee and her entourage. Next stop - The Curator and beyond. We look forward to adding some more notches to the belt.

posted by Tozar at 11:40 pm  

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