Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maiden of Virtue Mangled

Another fun night in Kara with a straight shot Attumen kill, some surprise loots, & a successful class with the Maiden of Virtue. We walked away with 2 [item]drape of the righteous[/item], [item]vambraces of courage[/item], [item]gloves of dexterous manipulation[/item], [item]gloves of centering[/item], & [item]barbed choker of discipline[/item]. We were too tired to move much further tonight, but Moroess will be visited this week.

Thanks to all those who attended and made this happen. We definitely noticed a difference with everyone showing up on time, repaired, & ready to go with little to no distractions. This helps make raiding fun for all and more successful. Keep up the good work.

posted by Tozar at 10:32 pm  

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