Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ysondre Down

Raiding picked back up tonight and Ysondre was our target. For those who don’t know she’s one of the five world dragons and resides in Duskwood. We took her down fairly easily once everyone was situated and buffed. Grats to everyone on their phat lewts, some of which were: [item]nightmare engulfed object[/item], [item]gloves of delusional power[/item], [item]staff of rampant growth[/item], [item]twig of the world tree[/item], and more.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Like the Phoenix

The Citadel is rising from the Ashes. We are always here, just change forms and directions when necessary. Our new Guild Master has been named - Congrats Ealanta! She would also like to take this time and give a cheer to the former members who have returned to the Citadel and as a result of it were instrumental in bringing the Citadel back to its former glory. So, let everyone know of our revival and let’s bring everyone we can back in. For more details, contact an Officer.

posted by Tozar at 11:20 am  

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