Sunday, January 14, 2007

Forum Changes

The new forum is setup! I will be updating it constantly as is needed. Everyone will have to re-register and setup your profiles as before. Anyone who had posted applications will need to re-post. You should notice that the forum layout is a bit different, as I chose a different format that should be easier to navigate, more secure, and less lag (though we never had that issue before).

I apologize for this inconvenience and the downtime we have had over the past few weeks. For those of you who don’t know already, our forums and dkp were still hosted through the old site with maklar and I had been working on upgrading the system as I transferred over the database to our own. Maklar has been having some issues of their own lately and I fear our database was lost in the process. I will continue to work on obtaining the database, even if only to use it as a locked historical forum reference for information gathering purposes.

If you have suggestions for the forum layout, feel free to post those in the Website Discussion section, but give me a week before doing so. I wanted to get the Forums back up as quickly as possible and have not completed the internal format. Enjoy!

posted by Tozar at 11:51 am  

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