Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rank Ceremony

I want to publicly congratulate all of you who have earned a rank promotion over the past week. Not all of you were online during the brief window of opportunity I managed to wrestle into my day, but congratulations none the less. It was an impromptu ceremony and very informal.

During this time a new rank was also introduced, Citadel Warden. These members will be assisting officers in helping shape the future of the guild by taking on some of the mundane functionalities of guild management. This will allow Officers to focus on many of the issues we have been trying to catch up on. These Wardens are a prime example of the dedication & loyalty we ask of each and every member, while keeping with the attitude this family thrives on. Respect. I look forward to that day I can promote each and every member of the family to this rank.

At this time several Members were awarded the Veteran rank. These members have spent hours helping the guild progress through end-game content, have donated what they can to the guild bank, and have been active in discussions on the guild forums. These Veterans are exactly that - veterans of our wars (good and bad), knowledgeable in the way we run things, and party with the family as often as we can.

I also extend my hand in congratulation to those Initiates who have proven themselves to the family and have joined us as full Members. These individuals have remained active and supported the family in all our endeavors. Keep up the activity and the good work. I look forward to many more encounters with you.

Congratulations also go out to our two newest Officers - Zapto & Drakken. I will be spending the next few weeks bringing them up to speed on all Officer duties, so please be patient with their knowledge. They have rightfully earned their position and as such I ask everyone to extend them the respect you do to the officers.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Actively Recruiting!

We are currently accepting applications from all classes! We have a high demand for Warlock’s currently, so those applications will be given priority. Other things we are looking for are people who are raid ready, meaning: decent fire resist, willing to farm for materials, willing to put the time in to learn strategies on their own time. If you think you meet these criteria, feel free to put in an application to join The Family.

Forward any questions to an Officer of The Citadel.

[item]Vis’kag the Bloodletter[/item]

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Front Page

Everyone has been complaining about how our front page is outdated. The fact is I have no idea what Maklar used to keep the news up to date so I’ve slapped WordPress on here and will be doing a little work getting the layout looking decent.

Make sure you’ve updated your bookmarks to the new URL:

EDIT: @ 3:12AM, got itemstats working with WordPress. Yeay. Have a [item]Cheap Beer[/item] and put on my [item]Sleeping Robes[/item]. Goodnight Citadel.

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Another Week of Easy Em Cee

The Citadel breezed through MC again this week leaving us a bit thirsty for something more challenging and for some [item]Cheap Beer[/item].

Here are Fagnaros’s Shiny Things this week:

Miké - [item]Band of Sulfuras[/item]
Kul - [item]Legplates of Wrath[/item]
Llanys - [item]Bloodfang Pants[/item]
Shootu - [item]Cloak of the Shrouded Mists[/item]

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