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Cleared Out
(April 17, 2009 - submitted by Tozar at 09:23pm PDT)  
All DKP has been reset to 0, or is in the process of it. DKP values are being updated for 3.1 and raids will be added as soon as possible. Details will be posted on the forums once finalized.

New Plug-In
(July 18, 2007 - submitted by Tozar at 01:09am PDT)  
I added a new plug-in today that several members have been requesting.

This addon allows each user to update their characters individually in terms of key/attunement progression. There is a public graph as well that easily breaks down the attunements overall & by progression steps, making it easy to see who has the same keys.

Current keys listed are for the Heroic instances, Karazhan, Serpentshrine, Mount Hyjal, & The Black Temple . Some of these keys we aren't ready to plan raids for, but the quick reference to progression steps is helpful. I will be adding future raiding keys and attunements as necessary. I will post in the forums when a new key is posted so that everyone can start updating their new progress.

Tools Updated
(April 18, 2007 - submitted by Tozar at 08:35am PDT)  
Added some tools to the DKP system:

- Itemstats: Just like on the forums, but this allows all of our items aquired in raids to have a mouse-over summary and link. I also hacked the image files to improve the socket.png files since I didn't like tha way the old ones looked (they weren't appearing either). This means items with sockets have the image now, and it looks better.

- Raid Planner: This tool makes it easier for Officers to see who all is available to raid and class distribution. Anyone can signup by registering for the DKP section. An admin (me at the moment) will have to add your characters to the list and assign them to you. This allows those with multiple raiding characters to signup with the one they plan on bringing. Officers haven't finalized the implementation of this tool, but now it is an option and will be tested.

EQDKP Re-Installed
(April 17, 2007 - submitted by Tozar at 10:54am PDT)  
The DKP system was re-installed, having lost all our old data. Details are on the forums. Everyone hasn't been added to the system yet & I'm using this opportunity to teach the Officers how to adminstrate the system. Everything will be in order by the time the system is initiated with details listed on the forums. I have several addons I'm working on implementing to make the system work best for our needs.


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